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What makes Lion Heart Kombucha so special?

Our enthusiasm for kombucha is real. After 12+ years of brewing kombucha WE STILL LOVE IT! Every batch is carefully crafted to make sure it tastes great and that the culture is healthy and thriving. We are proud to make a beverage that is delightful to drink and healthy for you. We focus on local flavors and sustainable processes to ensure that our kombucha is good for not only our bodies, but for the earth as well. Lion Heart is 100% traditionally brewed with our mother culture which was brought from Russia in the 1980’s and has never touched non-organic tea.  Our dedication to quality runs deep; our commitment to the health of our community runs even deeper. We continually grow thanks to our dedicated crew and community of die-hard fans obsessed our low sugar style, fresh local flavors, and open-source philosophy that sets our brand apart.

About the Owners:

In 2008 Jared and Amanda Englund began teaching brewing classes in their SE Portland home and two years later opened Lion Heart Kombucha. The brewery is named for their child Lev (whose name means “lion” in Russian and “heart” in Hebrew). Both Jared and Amanda have a deep love for farms and local food networks so weaving those connections into their brewery was an important foundation for their company to grow.

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The Local Choice

Sourcing local and farm-direct organic ingredients is one of our specialties.  When you drink a bottle of Lion Heart you are supporting a strong local and organic food system. We partner as much as possible with other small businesses and farms to make sure that we are doing our part to invest in the local economy and also to develop relationships that are long lasting and mutually supportive.

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Dedicated to Social Justice

Lion Heart Kombucha supports the Black Lives Matter movement and is committed to supporting social justice movements in our community. We are a company that is anti-racist, feminist, LGBTQIA+ affirming/representing, Jewish and pro-Palestine, and support the religious freedoms of all people (provided they aren’t used to deny the humanity of others). We actively support organizations in Portland that are bringing relief and resilience to the communities Black, Indigenous and people of color such as Equitable Giving Circle, Don’t Shoot Portland and Snack Bloc. We are open to receiving feedback about how we can do better, as we are a company founded and run by white people. We understand unlearning white supremacy is a life-long process and are committed to this work.