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Lion Heart began as a mission to bring low sugar Kombucha to the table

In 2008 Jared and Amanda Englund began teaching brewing classes in their SE Portland home, and two years later opened Lion Heart Kombucha.  We have been growing strongly ever since thanks to our dedicated crew and community of die-hard fans obsessed our low sugar style, fresh local flavors, and open-source philosophy that sets our brand apart.  Find us at a growing number of locally owned businesses around Portland and the Northwest.  Now available in other states through Azure Standard health food distributor.


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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is tea transformed into a detoxifying, probiotic rich fermented beverage.  It tastes like a sour soda brewed in a wide variety of styles from sweet to dry, tart to mellow, pleasant to practically vinegar.  The key is to strike the perfect balance to create a beverage that is delicious and healthy.  Kombucha has been brewed for its health benefits around the world for centuries.

Why Choose Lion Heart Kombucha?

These days it’s hard to tell what you’re getting when you buy Kombucha.  Will it be too sweet?  Will it be terrible?  Will it explode when I open it?  Lion Heart is 100% traditionally brewed with our mother culture which was brought from Russia in the 1980’s and has never touched non-organic tea.  We have always used quality wine-making equipment, and never stored our brewing Kombucha or SCOBYs in plastic.  Our dedication to quality runs deep.  Our commitment to the health of our community runs even deeper.

The Local Choice

Sourcing local and farm-direct organic ingredients is one of our specialties.  When you drink a bottle of Lion Heart you are supporting a strong local and organic food system.

A Healthier Brew

A sip of Lion Heart starts out light and popping, then comes the rush of fresh flavors you can tell are made with the world’s finest ingredients.  And best of all, zero sugar buzz afterwards.  Nothing but feelings of probiotic goodness.

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Now get it ON TAP!


We are passionate about kicking out soda and beer and bringing you healthy Kombucha on tap!  Stop by our brewery to see how fresh and easy on-tap Kombucha can be, and check out our video to get you started on setting up your own tap system.  Draft Kombucha is is freshest and most economic and sustainable way to enjoy a healthy pint.

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