Jared, Amanda and Lev, the Lion Heart family!

Lion Heart Kombucha was started by Jared and Amanda Englund in 2008 in Portland, Oregon. We began teaching classes to share Kombucha throughout the community, and over time developed our unique  low sugar brewing style.

Our brewery is powered by a dedicated team of Kombucha lovers with a mission to brew low sugar Kombucha that tastes great.  We focus on local ingredients and you’ll find our 6 bottled flagship flavors at locally owned businesses around the Northwest and beyond. 

There’s a lot of love in that bottle.  Lion Heart is crafted from start to finish with the health of you and your family in mind.  From our family to yours, cheers to good health!

Why Choose Lion Heart?

If you want a great tasting Kombucha without the sugar buzz, if you want your Kombucha fresh, real and raw, and if you like locally focused organic ingredients and creative flavors on tap.  If you want the best Kombucha possible, then Lion Heart is for you.

Each batch is brewed by our dedicated crew with our traditional Kombucha mother culture.  Our flavors are each crafted with the finest ingredients like fresh organic ginger, local marionberries, and healing herbs.

Best served ON TAP!

We take pride in the freshness of our bottled Kombucha, but on tap is our specialty!  We have kegs available in our flagship flavors as well as a rotating lineup of incredible seasonal flavors.   For you home, office or business we can help make your on tap Kombucha dreams come true.  Email ontap@lionheartkombucha.com for more information.