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Lion Heart Kombucha was started by Jared and Amanda Englund in 2008 in Portland, Oregon.
Along with our amazing, dedicated crew we developed our unique, low sugar brewing style. This combined with fresh, local flavor is the corner stone that sets our brand apart. With a focus on local ingredients and fostering community, you can find this crew at farmer's markets, supporting local farms, charities and fundraising efforts that support civil rights, artistic freedom and the environment .You can find our 6 bottled flagship flavors at locally owned businesses around the Northwest and beyond. Lion Heart is brewed and bottled by a pride of Kombucha lovers in North Portland.

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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is tea transformed.  Fermented with black or green tea and sugar, a complex vinegar culture called a "SCOBY" or kombucha mother is rich with bountiful probiotics and detoxifiers.  There is a tradition of making Kombucha in many countries around the world, from the Ukraine to the mountains in Peru to Japan.  This delightful, fizzy health tonic has been enjoyed for centuries.

Why Choose Lion Heart Kombucha?

Lion Heart is traditionally brewed with the culture, often called a “Mother.” We use specialty wine-making equipment, which is particularly suited to a low pH beverage like kombucha. Each flavor is made with whole ingredients such as fresh ginger and herbs, and some feature Oregon-grown berries.

Sourcing locally and responsibly is one of our biggest commitment, from our tea leaves to the fruits we use to create our unique flavors. We have connections with farms and herbalists around Oregon, because community is incredibly important to us, as it is what has helped grow and sustain our business.

A healthier brew

Lion Heart tastes fresh, popping, and very flavorful.  What you will notice is the dry mouth feel and very low sweetness.  We are SCOBY scientists at work crafting the perfect recipe to contain the most benefits and the lowest sugar content. This means that you are getting all of the probiotic and health-boosting benefits without the sugar buzz. Sugar is a known inflammatory ingredient, so we are dedicated to ensuring our culture has consumed as much of it as possible before we bottle.

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Now get it ON TAP!

We offer ample support services including bringing you the freshest kombucha possible- ON TAP!  Get a kegerator for your home or office for the best value and convenience, because if you are like us, you are OBSESSED with KOMBUCHA!