Thinking of brewing Kombucha on your own?

Pick up a signature Kombucha Starter Kit! It includes everything you need to start brewing your first batch, plus our detailed recipe and brewing tips.

The kit includes:

  • Fresh SCOBY Culture and starter in Glass jar
  • Lion Heart Green & Black Tea Blend
  • Organic Cane Sugar (enough for 1 batch)
  • Reusable tea bag, cloth, rubber bands, and labels
  • 1 gallon glass brewing jar
  • Detailed instructions, flavoring ideas and helpful hints
  • Email support

Order online through Mainbrew (Hillsboro, OR) or pick one up at the following locations:

Lion Heart Kombucha at Know Thy Food (SE Portland)
F.H. Steinbart Co. (SE Portland)
The Homebrew Exchange (NE Portland)
Arnada Naturals (Vancouver)
New Seasons Market (7-Corners)