If you’re a fan of Kombucha, you’re going to LOVE drinking it ON TAP.

We can help you set up the Kombucha tap system of your dreams.  Or if you are ready to go, we have kegs ready.

Kombucha is the perfect perk.  Offices around Portland are enjoying increased happiness, efficiency and health benefits offering their staff a delicious, low-sugar, probiotic beverage option. We have “kegerators” ready which are custom created mini-fridges which have a 1, 2 or 3 tap towers, and our experts can help convert your fridge into a Kombucha dispenser.

Planning a party or wedding?  Kombucha is the perfect all-ages, festive option for everyone in your party to enjoy.  You can pick up a keg from us and rent equipment from Portland’s F.H. Steinbart Co. (historic homebrew shop).

Or for those who want to make kombucha a part of your daily health routine, check out our video on how to get started building your own tap system.