RASPBERRY HARVEST. Enjoy the fresh taste of summer all year round with our signature dry kombucha, paired with sweet Oregon raspberries.


GINGER FIX. Our driest brew is tried and true, guaranteed to give your taste buds a ginger kick.


WILD BLUEBERRY. Locally grown blueberries come together with a hint of ginger to create a flavor that will make you go wild.


HERO’S BLEND. Our blend of ginkgo, eleuthero, gotu kola and damiana with hibiscus flowers will help you champion through your day.


BLISS. A bright and dry lemonade, heightened by mood-boosting lavender and lemon balm with a ginger zing.


JAZZBERRY. Our newest flavor. This smooth blend of Jasmine tea and Oregon marionberries jams so well together, you’ll be humming the flavor notes all day.