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frequently asked questions

What are Lion Heart's hours and location?

You can pick up bulk orders from our brewery 9am-3pm Monday-Friday at 9851 N. Vancouver Way, Portland OR 97217

what is the sugar and caffeine content?

Our Kombucha has between 2g-6g sugar per 8oz serving, and 7g caffeine per 8oz serving.  Jazzberry has cold-brewed jasmine tea which adds a little more caffeine.

What is Lion Heart doing to be safe from COVID-19?

Our crew and customers’ safety is number one for us during the pandemic.  Masks are required inside our building, surfaces are sanitized regularly and we have touch-free payment options.  You can also place an order online and come pick it up contact-free in our parking lot.

how can I order lion heart kombucha out of state?

We have a few options for ordering Lion Heart outside of Portland.  Azure Standard is terrific especially if there’s a drop site in your area.  Wild Mountain Paleo will ship you Lion Heart as well.  If you’re in Portland, Milk Run has delivery to your door of Lion Heart and other great local produce/products.  Or you can place an order directly from Lion Heart which is a great way to buy kegs or in bulk.

Lion Heart Kombucha in a growler from Portland, OR, with a black and white floral background.
Woman holds Lion Heart Kombucha while sitting and launching with a dog.
Lion Heart Kombucha Raspberry Harvest
Lion Heart Kombucha Brewery in Portland, OR