About Us

Our Mission

Dedicated to brewing the best low-sugar kombucha in beloved flavors, our team takes pride in sourcing the finest, local, sustainable, and organic ingredients.

Our Values

At Lion Heart Kombucha, we passionately craft delicious low-sugar kombucha, driven by our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community. Using local, organic ingredients, we empower our team to innovate and prioritize customer health and happiness. Upholding values of integrity and responsibility, our company stands as a testament to quality, sustainability, and community connection.

Lion Heart Kombucha, Est. 2010

A Journey Through Time...

Jared started teaching Kombucha Classes in 2008 and established Lion Heart Kombucha in 2010, brewing booch at night after work.

First brew shop opened in NW Portland 2011. Jared “took a break” from teaching to make Kombucha full time.

Began selling low sugar kombucha at Farmers Markets, Last Thursday on Alberta, and other events in 2012.

We moved our full operation to Know Thy Food in SE Portland also in 2012.

Check out this 2013 lineup of our glass soda bottles!

We made the move to our current facility in North Portland in 2015.

Lion Heart Kombucha Bliss flavor with ingredients

Murmur Creative beautifully redesigned our labels in 2016.

Our lobby was open for dock sales starting in 2016.

Lion Heart Kombucha in a growler with flowers on top of cases of pints.

Our new 16oz cans were launched in 2020, helping Lion Heart be more sustainable and efficient.

Our partnership with CO-OP Collaboration Kombucha started in 2021.

Map of Azure drop spots

Our distribution with Azure standard reached all 50 states in 2021.

We launched our seasonal flavor lineup in 2022.