Who We Are

Uniquely Dry and Flavorful

Our team is dedicated to brewing the best low sugar kombucha in flavors people love! We take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients with an emphasis on local, sustainable and organic.

Lion Heart Kombucha sample cups at their brewery headquarters in Portland, OR

Annie B. Foley

Sales, Delivery, Brand Rep

Annie is a sales superstar at Lion Heart, known for her positive attitude, hard work and communication. She’s always on the move, you’ll catch Annie dropping off kegs around town by day, and by night a roller derby referee and theater tech. 

Oona Roll

Production Leader

Oona coordinates the team and has a big hand in making sure every batch comes out perfectly. They keep the team spirit going at Lion Heart, and when not at work Oona is a roller derby MVP with Portland’s Rose City Rollers.

Red and grey heart on a black background
Lion Heart Kombucha

Nick Failing

Logistics Manager

Nick F. has been a supporter of Lion Heart since the beginning, and now works full time fixing tap systems, making building improvements, ordering supplies, and tasting every kombucha flavor still trying to decide his favorite. Nick enjoys live music and can play you a nice tune on the banjo.

Terran Walker

Brewer & Kombucha Production Technician

Introducing Terran, Lion Heart Kombucha’s latest addition. Armed with a Fermentation Science degree from Oregon State University, Terran brings valuable expertise to our brewery. Beyond his professional knowledge, he’s an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys cycling and swimming, with a preference for arugula. Terran is already making significant improvements to our brewing process, promising exciting enhancements to our kombucha.

Red and grey heart on a black background
Lion Heart Kombucha

Jordan Bynum

Brewer, Marketing Lead

Jordan brought a lot of kombucha expertise to Lion Heart and helped us make improvements on many aspects of the business. Currently Jordan is a brewer as well as leading our marketing efforts. After work, Jordan spends time with family and is a baker of tasty treats.

Jared Englund

Founder, CEO

Jared started teaching kombucha brewing classes in 2008, and in 2010 took a break from teaching math to start Lion Heart Kombucha. Many farmers markets and building permits later, Jared is still living the dream making healthy artistic kombucha. After work you’ll catch him swimming in cold rivers with his kid Lev.

Lion Heart Kombucha
Red and grey heart on a black background

Ellie Fleming

Admin Manager, Brand Rep

Ellie has been a dedicated representative of Lion Heart Kombucha since 2013 and her passion for the brand has helped lead the company to where it is now. After work Ellie can be found knitting sweaters and painting landscapes while exploring the PNW with her family.


Office Pup, Brand Rep

Tucker has been making his presence known in the LHK community since he was a young pup. His passion is for belly scratches and performing small acts for treats. After work you can catch Tucker eating blackberries straight off the vine. 

Lion Heart Kombucha

Local Partners

Lion Heart sources ingredients locally. Here are some suppliers that we can highly recommend from years of working together:

Jasmine Pearl Tea Company

Columbia Gorge Organics

Craft Canning

Earthly Gourmet

Apex Refrigeration

F.H. Steinbart Co.

Glacier Tanks

Misplaced Screenprinting

Organizations we support & promote

Rose City Rollers

Equitable Giving Circle

Community School Auctions