Lion Heart Kombucha is an artisan Kombucha brewery in Portland, Oregon


Lion Heart offers the lowest sugar content possible with 0 – 4 grams of sugar per 8oz serving.  Our Kombucha is made ‘dry’ by using the lowest amount of sugar possible while still enough for healthy fermentation.
We believe that drinking refined sugar gives the opposite effect of the benefits Kombucha drinkers are looking for.  The only sweetness you’ll find in LHK is from organic fruits.


The secret to making great Kombucha with less sugar is dedication. The recipes were developed through careful experimentation with the best ingredients available. Our process is tight like that of a winery, resulting in clean tasting Kombucha that is very consistent from bottle-to-bottle.
It’s also about teamwork! Our team of Kombucha lovers are busy every day making sure every part of our process is perfect.  Why?  Because we love it!

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Kombucha is probiotic fermented tea vinegar.  It can be made to taste like intense burning vinegar, or also a sweet carbonated beverage. People enjoy Kombucha because it is a fun drink that also provides beneficial probiotics, detoxifiers, and has been known to help in a lot of ways.

The main ingredient in Kombucha is tea and sugar.  We use the lowest amount of sugar possible, but plenty of delicious quality tea. Our blend of quality organic teas are sourced through Portland’s Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants.

Other ingredient sources include:
Columbia Gorge Organics (Hood River, OR)
Know Thy Food (Portland, OR)
ProFarm Produce (Tigard, OR)
Stahlbush Island Farms (Corvallis, OR)


Jared, Amand and Lev Englund


It began in the garage of Portlanders Jared & Amanda Englund, named for their son Lev “Lion Heart”.  Teaching classes and selling to restaurants & at Farmers Markets helped us gain the experience needed to make our dream Kombucha brand that is low sugar but tastes great by being well crafted with quality ingredients.

Our mission to make great low sugar Kombucha comes from a shared desire by the whole Lion Heart family to provide the community with healthy and sustainable beverage options.  When the community is healthier, we are all healthier.  Cheers!  To your health!

We are proud to employ a team of 8 with a fun and rewarding job creating a healthy drink we can be proud of.  At our production facility we will be able to keep growing, become more efficient and craft more amazing recipes. Check out our Seasonal Flavors each month, inspired by our hard-working Craftologists.

Why choose Lion Heart Kombucha?


If you agree that drinking refined sugars is not healthy, then Lion Heart is the Kombucha for you.  Amazing flavors with no sugar rush, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


Made in Portland! Our ingredients are locally sourced from businesses and farms in the Pacific Northwest.  Nothing but the best!


Kombucha is naturally effervescent, and we use kegs to ensure every drop of Lion Heart is fizzy.  Open a bottle and toast to balance, happiness and internal prosperity!


The best is fresh!  When you sip Lion Heart Kombucha, you can tell that we are using the freshest local ingredients.  We even press our own ginger!  Why?  Because it tastes better and is better for you!


Check our growing list of growler fill stations where you can get 64oz of Lion Heart Kombucha for $12 or less!
To place a Bulk order directly from us, you can email us at to place your order.  We have a $50 minimum, and sell by the case.  Or, even better, we can set you up with a keg for your home, office, or special occasion!


Jared has been teaching Kombucha class every month since 2009!  That’s thousands of people!! Now at our new brewery the classes will be better than ever.