Craft-brewed Kombucha since 2008


Lion Heart tastes fresh, popping, and very flavorful.  But what you will notice is the dry mouth feel and very low sweetness.  We are SCOBY scientists at work crafting the perfect recipe to contain the most benefits and the lowest sugar content.


There’s a lot of love in that bottle.  Lion Heart is crafted with the health of you and your family in mind.  From our family to yours, cheers to good health!

Lion Heart is brewed and bottled by a pride of Kombucha lovers in North Portland.  Making low sugar Kombucha that tastes great is our mission!

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Kombucha is tea transformed.  Fermented with black or green tea and sugar, It’s like a complex vinegar culture with bountiful probiotics and detoxifiers.  Kombucha is made in every country in the world and has been around for centuries.

Lion Heart is traditionally brewed with the “Mother” using wine-making equipment and techniques.  Each flavor is made with whole ingredients such as fresh ginger and herbs, and some feature Oregon-grown berries.

Thank you for your support!  Family owned and operated since 2008.
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