Lion Heart Kombucha is an artisan Kombucha brewery in Portland, Oregon. We make real deal Kombucha made from the highest quality organic teas and combine with locally grown organic fruit and herbs.


A Healthier Brew

Lion Heart contains the least amount of refined sugars on the shelf, from 0 – 4 grams per 8oz serving.
We believe that refined sugar is harmful to digestion and immunity, so our Kombucha is mostly “dry” using only enough sugar to produce healthy fermentation.

Hand Crafted

Our five time-tested amazing flavors are delicately balanced to perfection, the result of years carefully crafting the perfect Kombucha recipes to be full of flavor while using a pure Kombucha culture and staying true to its healthy tradition.

Our Tea

Our Kombucha cultures are treated with the utmost care and respect, brewed with custom blends of fine teas from Portland’s Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants using all organic ingredients. Lion Heart always has used only glass and top-grade stainless steel wine fermentation tanks resulting in the cleanest, purest Kombucha possible. Feel the difference!



Lion Heart is a family business, started by Amanda & Jared Englund and named for their son Lev. They are dedicated to “keeping it real” and making the healthiest, purest, most delicious Kombucha brew available in a bottle. It all started with a passion for making delicious Kombucha blends and intentions to heal, and grew through years of teaching Kombucha classes while connecting with what we as a Portland community are all about: health, purity & vitality. We believe our Kombucha represents the healthiest, most naturally healing drink you can get. Drink it and be well!

What makes us especially awesome:


We ferment our Kombucha “dry” so there is very little residual sugar. This requires extra care and technique but results in a healthier brew with no sugar rush.


Our fruit is from Columbia Gorge Organics, a local farm that also producers the best organic juice on the market.


Lion Heart is a carbonated celebration drink – a toast to balance, health, happiness and internal prosperity!


We juice our own ginger. Yep, that’s why Ginger Fizz tastes so dang fresh.


We make Kombucha more affordable by offering bulk discounts at our brewery shop.


For folks wanting to save money and brew at home, we offer Kombucha Brewing Classes. Come learn how to make the best Kombucha you’ve ever had!